• A bus-stop 300 metres from the apartment provides the easiest way to Bedřichov cross-country ski tracks, just a short distance from the bus-station on arrival http://jizerskaops.cz/bezkarske-trasy/  We recommend to avoid stress of driving your own vehicle in often challenging conditions during winter months.

• If you prefer downhill skiing, you can enjoy a different venue every day. The following ski slopes are all located nearby: in Lučany nad Nisou www.skifilip.cz , Zásada www.zasadaskicentrum.cz (both suitable for children), Ještěd www.skijested.cz , Bedřichov, Hrabětice and Špičák https://www.skijizerky.cz/en/winter/tanvaldsky-spicak-severak-bedrichov

2013-01 Špičák 2.jpg


Summer walks

• If you like big views, the region boasts classic view-towers: Černá Studnice is a one hour walk from us  https://cernastudnice.eu/ Other lookout points in the area including Bramberk, Štěpánka and Královka are a little further away https://hotelkralovka.cz/rozhledna

• Towering above the city of Liberec, Ještěd boasts a mountain hotel with restaurant at the top. When visibility is good, you can see almost to the end of the world…  Ještěd can be reached by an unique cablecar ride: https://www.lanovka-jested.cz/ 

• Sychrov Castle - the picturesque chateau’s surrounding park is most beautiful in May, when rhododendrons and azaleas are in blossom  https://www.zamek-sychrov.cz  

• Romantics will enjoy the village of Malá Skála  https://www.mala-skala.cz with its Pantheon castle.

• Pleasant Riegrova Stezka hiking trail runs along the banks of the Jizera river to Semily town http://kct.semily.cz/turisticke-zajimavosti/riegrova-stezka/ 

• Kids will enjoy exploring the ancient ruins of Frýdštejn castle http://www.frydstejn.cz/

When it rains

• You can visit Bozkov caves https://www.caves.cz/jeskyne/bozkovske-dolomitove-jeskyne

• Beauty lowers will be inspired by Botanic Garden in Liberec http://www.botaniliberec.cz/, Museum of Glass and Jewellery in Jablonec nad Nisou http://www.msb-jablonec.cz/ or Museum of Glass in Železný Brod http://muzeumzb.cz/

• If you seek pleasant relaxation, wisit wellnes in Centrum Babylon  Liberec https://www.centrumbabylon.cz/  or swimming pools in Jablonec nad Nisou https://sportjablonec.cz/mestsky-plavecky-bazen and Liberec http://bazen-info.cz/




BY motorbike

• You can enjoy our favorite route: Hodkovice - Český Dub - Křižany - Ještěd - Liberec - Oldřichovské sedlo - Hejnice - Smědava - Souš - Tanvald

• You can visit famous Pekelné doly ("Hell Mines" in English) https://www.pekelnedoly.cz/

• Liberecké informační centrum offers useful info for motorcyclists - look here for many tips: https://www.visitliberec.eu/en/sport-a-turistika/moto-trasy/


• Tire them out at Aquacenter and IQlandia of Babylon Liberec https://www.centrumbabylon.cz/

• They can meet wild animals in the oldest zoo in Czech Republic https://www.zooliberec.cz/ or make friends with domestic ones in Kozí farma Pěnčín https://www.farmapencin.cz/




• If you´re looking for adrenalin rush, head to Špičák Bike Park https://www.skijizerky.cz/cz/leto/tanvaldsky-spicak-severak-bedrichov

• Or find numbers of cycle routes in Jizerské Mountains http://www.jizerske-hory.cz/cs/poznej-jizerky_leto-v-jizerkach_cyklotrasy